Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Corner One

It won't be empty for long, that coveted corner stool.

Dee Dee Sue is coming back to town. She's swinging in on Saturday, and it seems that activity at the office might finally start picking up.

She arrives like the migrating birds. A sign that summer is coming. The days begin to last longer. It's time to drink rosé at lunch. The bar smells of the crushed mint of a Mohito. Your liver gets exercised after a long, lonely winter.

There are sunny, silly months ahead.


  1. have I told you, recently, how much I love you?
    oh, and speaking of love......aren't we do for some oysters somewhere soon?

  2. You haven't told me lately. You never tell me enough.

    But if you want oysters, it ought to happen soon, since it's bad form, really, to eat them during a month that doesn't have an "R" in it. April is nearly over. May is R-less. We'd best get busy.